Our mission

Discover Devillé Group's mission and values

Our mission

To optimize the design of parts, develop multi-material and multi-technology transformation processes, and produce industrial components with a high level of performance and quality. It's an exciting and ambitious roadmap that led us to integrate a unique range of complementary expertise. The result: a certain ability to hybridize solutions and a definite capacity to challenge the status quo. 

Going against our nature is difficult : opening up possibilities is in our DNA.

Excellence, seen from within

Throughout a century of industrial adventure, we've gained a conviction: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That's why, in industry, every part is essential. Each component must be designed and produced to ensure safety and performance, prolong operational life, and also limit costs and consumption. To meet these challenges, rigor and innovation are paramount.

Pièces Devillé Group

Our values


One can appreciate identically reproduced parts and welcome individuality. A matter of principle and well-being: at Devillé, everyone has a place and can thrive in an atmosphere as motivating as it is welcoming.


When it comes to evolving, influencing one's environment, or transforming individuals or organizations, theory achieves mixed success. Nothing beats action. Without haste, but with conviction.


How have we conquered new territories and integrated new expertise? By cultivating a certain fearlessness, a taste for challenge, and a desire to learn.